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Monday, 5 January 2009

Postage matters...

Hey ladies! Due to some unfortunate circumstances, postage for items can only be done on every WEDNESDAY. Therefore, any payments must be made before or on Tuesday to avoid delay. Otherwise, the postage for items paid later will be carried forward to next week. Sorry for the inconvenience. And thank you for your understanding.


mistiquepurity said...

i really like ur blog~ it's awesome but i still confuse on how to pay the money..wat if i dun have maybank account? i heart ur green skinny checks so much! huuhhu~

Miss PopCorn said...

hi mistiquepurity!

u can either use the maybank cash deposit machine or use online banking of your bank account..however, if your bank is not a maybank, there might be an extra charge (maybank charges RM 2 for transfer to other local banks, i dunno about other banks)..

so, if u're using the cash deposit machine, there's a chance that u can't deposit the exact, i suggest that u'd round up the figure..say, the amount is Rm 46 and so u'll have to deposit rm 50..i will return ur rm 4 in the package..

i hope u get it now dear.. ;)

Anonymous said...

but some ppl say the money the postman will take if put in the packag.will u repay us if that happens?

Miss PopCorn said...

if the seal of the package is broken then definitely someone will know that the package is opened. it's unlikely to happen because no one knows what's in the package. but i wudn't say never either. it still could happen.

however, i will repay the amount lost. hence the one suffering losses is me.

Anonymous said...

hi there,

i want to leave anonymous comment in ur main blog but it didnt allow it so here it is, u may delete this after u read this.

life seems to be unfair when u least expect it, so just embrace it because u may think that it hurts now but in the future u'll look back and thank HIM for this cause u'll meet THE ONE

so dun be sad ya, i know for a fact that u hv great frends =)

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