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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

...No More CODs...

Hey babes, sadly and unfortunately me, Aisya, is running the business alone. No one to help out except for the postage of items.

Therefore, since I'm starting my job this week and it would be a hectic job and all, I no longer entertain CODs because it will be inconvenient to both me and the customers. As for Pos Laju, the postage will be made on Tuesday and Friday but this idea is subject to changes.

Nevertheless, the business is still on as usual. Simply fill in the forms and your orders are good to go via Pos Laju! But don't forget to make payments early ya? ;) I will serve you as I would before, this I promise you.

I am really sorry for the inconveniences and thank you for your understanding and support! :)

Monday, 29 December 2008

PopCorn on Sale..again!!

Hey gorgeous! We're on SALE now..and again! Just to clear up some old stocks and left overs from the Happy Hippyz bazaar. Come and get 'em cos we're selling 'em reeeaaalllyyy cheap..seriously! ;) Browse through ladies..while we are updating really soon!



Available in White

Size: M

RM 65 --> RM 50


Available in Black & Brown

Size: M (Black & Brown)

RM 60 --> RM 50


Available in Cobalt Blue
(1 Available, 1 Sold)

Size: Free (Fits up to size M)

RM 55 --> RM 45



Available in Red & Black

Size: Free (Fits up to size M)

RM 46 --> RM 35


Available in Pink

Size: S (May also fits size M)

RM 42 --> RM 35



Available in Blue & White

Size: S (Blue), M (Blue & White)

RM 55 --> RM 45

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

We'll be at Threadszoo's Happy Hippyz @ Capsquare!!

Ladies and Gentlemen!!

It is PopCorn's first time ever selling its items offline since its opening (after several attempts!). We'll be at Threadszoo's Happy Hippyz @ Capsquare, KL this 6th and 7th December 2008..from 1pm onwards!

Do bring lots and lots of cash because we'll be cutting off the original prices of all of the items including the newly posted + brand new stocks (to be revealed on that day!)

SO, have plenty of fun and bring lotsa friends will you? See you there!!

How to get there?

And...we'll be at:

Friday, 21 November 2008


Heya babes!

We're taking time off to savour our holidays in Pangkor starting this Monday (24 Nov)..we'll be back in business on Thursday (27 Nov)..

If there are things that you might be interested in, please don't hesitate to email us..we'll entertain you as soon as we get back home, aight? ...and for those who have reserved for items and haven't made payment, we suggest that you hold back the payment first and do it by the time we get back..

Thank you and take care..and hope to hear from you soon!

Miss PopCorn

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Thanks A Bunch of Roses!

We've been featured in:


Thank you for making everything possible! We couldn't have done it without you.. :)

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Remember the ol' days?

Hola ladies!!!

We've updated FINALLY!! Been really busy and we reckon all of you girls must be missing us badly (don't you?) Hee hee..

Anyways, we have brand new items to 'show off' to you..and some vintage pieces too! No, we don't really sell vintage..but we're actually clearing off some items that we 'over bought' and never worn before! We love them to death but they're too big for us and guess they deserve better, lovable new owner right?

As usual, prices are fixed and we tried our best to give away the best bargain (esp. the vintage pieces!) So, what r u waiting for? Go and grab them!!!!




Okay, so this item does not in any way resembles our caption above but do you remember our previous bf's shirt? We have something similar except for this time it's funkier and made from better quality material. We definitely want to follow the trend without trying too hard, don't we? And the scarf is oh-so-detachable..gorgeous!! The ONLY piece available and we bet you wouldn't want to miss it!!

^Fits up to size UK 10^

Material: Cotton

Cream *SOLD*

RM 50




We can't take our eyes off these dresses! When we saw them we just went ooh-ahh!! Needless to say that they swing to all the right places with that satin-ee material.. ;)

^Fits up to size UK8^

Turquoise/Dark Grey *SOLD*
Maroon/Peachy *SOLD*

Material: Satin

RM 40



The moment we saw this pinafore, it reminds us of our fun school days! Not that we missed wearing the pinafores but this is really something..the unique bow, the cutting, the shape, the length..everything! Irresistible and a must-have! ;)

^Fits up to size UK 10^

Cobalt Blue

Material: Stretchable Cotton

RM 55




Gorgeous! One word to describe this psychedelic, funky dress..very sixties we must say! Wear it with leggings or just bare those legs baby!

^Fits up to size UK 10^

Pink *SOLD*
Blue *SOLD*

Material: Stretchable cotton

RM 50



Almost Polka

This is a very sweet, demure and swishy dress! It swishes to all the right places..but too bad it's too big for us on the upper half..bought it at a bazaar at a higher price! *darn our small chests!*

*Belt not included*

^Fits up to size UK 10^

Material: Chiffon

RM 30

Oh Daisies!

The moment we got this dress, we went crazyyyyy! It's made of the best of cotton..and still attached to each part's almost brand new! A friend got it for us and again, the shoulder part is too big! :(

*Belt not included*

^Fits up to size UK 10^

Material: Very good quality cotton

RM 20

Hot Lips!

Aisya bought it from an online shop *credits to White Lace and Promises*..she just got to have it! Aisya planned to alter this gorgeous dress but she's just too busy to do it! And so she decided to let it go.. :( It is from a very established brand, Anne Klein (if you look closely!)..hurry, you've got to have it!!

^Fits up to size UK 14^

Material: Stretchable Cotton + Rayon

RM 20

Fanning Coat

Again and again and again...a friend got this coat for us to be worn and adored! With a unique side pocket, we thought this is a must have item of the's vintage yet modern! ;)

^Fits up to size UK 10^

Material: Linen

RM 18

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Hello girls!

Since it's going to be Hari Raya soon, we would like to wish all of you especially the Muslims celebrating this festive, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI...MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN.

We will be spending our Hari Raya back in kampung (Kota Bharu, Kelantan) from today, 27/9 until 5/10 (Sunday). Therefore, we won't be able to entertain any orders as yet until such date. Still, if you girls find anything interesting, do not hesitate to email us and as soon as we get back home we'll reply your mail ya? Hope you'll be patient enough to wait...

As for updates, we apologize for not being able to 'beautify' our blogshop with new, gorgeous outfits. We will be updating a week after raya, so don't forget to visit us k?

Till then, Happy Holidays! =)


miss popcorn

Thursday, 21 August 2008


Hola darlings!!

We have decided to
slash out the prices of our 'seasoned' items to real bargain prices!! Check us out at alright?

As usual, if there is any items you'd like to order, you may always fill in the order form and send out to us k?


email us at for further inquiries!

**p/s: all items are brand new and in very good condition..we're simply clearing out the stocks**

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

We've been reviewed!

Hey ladies..this time around, we've been reviewed by:

Diary of an E-Shopaholic
Compulsively Addicted

A Shopaholic's Den
Saya Suka by Meeza

Thanks lovelies for reviewing us!! ;)

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Leisure, work and party!!

Hello babes!! We hope this time around collection will make you girls drool and go ga-ga as we did last week!! Hehehe..the pieces that we're releasing this week are suitable for work, leisure or party (or combination of any two occasions or all!!) So, what are ya waiting for..set, go!!!!



This time around, we're bringing you the last pairs of the gladiator wedge! Available in dark blue and also white. HURRY GIRLS..they're NOT restockable!


Dark Blue:

RM 50



*The 'V' back*

We purposely put the name that long..tee hee! But if any of you girls are interested, just mention "high-waisted skirt' and we'll go 'ahhh' right away! ;) They are to be goo-goo ga-ga for girls! Not to mention they are limited and non-restockable..

Cobalt Blue:


Material: Stretchable Cotton
^ S - Waist: 26" , Hips: 35" ^
^ M - Waist: 28 , Hips: 37" ^

RM 55



*The free matching belt*


*Zipper at the side*

They are super gorgeous!!! We love the cutting, the style and most importantly the of a kind! A must-have in your wardrobe..any occasions, any day!! ;) Unfortunately, they are not, why wait? Hurry ladies!!

^Fits size UK6 - 10^
** They're actually size M but it seems like a free size to us..**

Material: Shimmering chiffon + lining
Bust: 36"

Cobalt blue *SOLD*
Teal *SOLD*
Green *SOLD*

*Comes together with the matching belt!*

RM 45


*Details in front*

*Wide cut sleeves*

They are triple the sweetness of sugar! :) Wear them with either skinnies or tights or go bare! Fret not, they are sewn together with lining.. ;) And yes, they are NOT restockable..

^Fits size UK6 - 8^

Material: Chiffon

Black (small flower) *SOLD*
Pink (huge flower)

RM 40

**Belt and tube top not included**



*Adjustable straps*

This time we bring you the sexy maxi!! Great for those who are blessed with great-looking bosoms..hehe! The maxi took our breath away...we try so hard to resist them, but they are only for you girls! Since they are NON restockable, grab them while you can..

^Fits size UK8 - 14^

Material: Cotton

Green *SOLD*
Red *SOLD*

Bust: 34" (expandable)
Under bust: 33" (expandable)
Length: 41" (starting from under bust)

RM 69



*The pleats!*

OMG!! They are super gorgeous girls and not your ordinary cheong-sam! You won't need a reason to wear them..perfect for a night out or a formal dinner..



^ S - Bust: 30" , Waist: 25 , Hips: 40" ^
^M - Bust: 33" , Waist: 27" , Hips: 42" ^

Material: Satin

RM 60

**The model is in total denial..she modeled on size S when she's actually a size M! Hehe..**


Babes! This is our last and only IT bag..they are no longer restockable because the suppliers no longer have the stocks..we received tonnes of emails asking for the white one but 'fraid they are all sold out..this Red IT bag is gorgeous too!! Come and geddit! ;)

Red *SOLD*

RM 55

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